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טחורים , טיפול בטחורים
For use at home, office, or when traveling

This one-piece, patented, FDA-cleared seat incorporates our unique seat design for painlessly retracting prolapsed hemorrhoids. It was specifically designed to fit on all types of toilets and works in the privacy of any lavatory. This removable seat can easily be used at home or when traveling. The seat is made of durable materials and is easy to keep clean. 

Our Product

Step 3: Apply downward pressure on the rectal area by raising your heels and gently pulling up on the side of the toilet.

Step 2: Sit on the HemAway Seat with the hemorrhoid centered directly over the specially-designed opening.

Step 1: Place the HemAway Seat on the porcelain toilet base after a bowel movement or when a prolapsed hemorrhoid protrudes.

The HemAway Seat is placed on the toilet for use. It will fit on any size toilet.

The specially designed seat opening causes a natural vacuum that gently retracts the hemorrhoid in just a few minutes.

(Note: the seat is not used during a bowel movement.)

Note:  The HemAway Seat is not used during bowel movements or when urinating. When using the seat, no fabric and/or undergarments of any type can be covering the buttock area. You must have direct skin-to-seat contact to obtain the proper body position for correct usage.


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• FDA cleared for hemorrhoid relief

• Fits on any size toilet or non-cushioned chair

• Easy to use: sit,apply downward pressure,wait one to two minutes as the hemorrhoid retracts,

put the seat away

• Invented by a doctor who suffers from hemorrhoids
• Durable Medical Equipment
• FSA/HSA Reimbursable
• Fits in regular size luggage for travel
• Patented Design
• Made in USA

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Step 4: The hemorrhoid returns to its natural, internal position within a few minutes, and relief is felt immediately.

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