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​"I work for a limousine company driving all day long. I tried creams and suppositories, but nothing really helped me to reduce the pain and pressure - until Hemaway. Thank you Hemaway!"  Rico, West Virginia

"With each child, I endured years of reoccurring hemorrhoid discomfort.  Surgery didn't even help. When I because pregnant with my third child, I was more terrified of the hemorrhoids than the actual delivery! The only thing that helped me though it all was HemAway.

It is unbelievable.  I found real instant relief so I can be there for my family and got my life back!"

"Thank you HemAway, I can now play golf again!"
Ed, New York

"A little while after I had my son, John, I got hemorrhoids. They bugged me terribly. Then I bought a HemAway. It got rid of them.

Now this is a great product. Everyone with hemorrhoids should use HemAway."  Patricia, Idaho

"During my pregnancy with triplets, I developed painful hemorrhoids. After the delivery, my hemorrhoids worsened. My husband noticed I was having a terrible time, so he went on the internet looking for something to help me. After finding the HemAway website, he decided to order me a HemAway Seat even though he had never heard of or seen such an unusual-looking product. All I can say is HemAway is the best product ever. It soothed my hemorrhoids and I could get back to my "normal" life handling triplets!"  Mary Beth, Michigan"

"Take if from me, HemAway really works! I sit for hours a day and nothing I ftried could stop the discomfort and pain of my hemorrhoids until I used HemAway. It's eay, private and works in any lavatory, so it's perfect for my lifestyle" Dan, Minnesota

"I'm a mailman, and I'm in my truck all day. Then I got hemorrhoids. They bothered me so much I had to stop working.

Then my brother bought me a Hemaway seat and it was terrific! Soon, my comforted hemorrhoids and I could go back to work.

I recommend this product to anyone with hemorrhoids."  George, Indiana

Doctor Ronald R. Discenza, M.D., P.C

In my practice as a board certified internist, the specter of hemorrhoid disease presents as a common, distressful condition. Patients are understandably embarrassed to discuss this topic involving their ordeal of itching, bleeding and pain. 

Prescription and self care remedies with creams, ointments, pads and baths can be inconvenient and time consuming. Their benefit is temporary and marginally effective at best. In addition, the are ineffective in producing any degree of retraction of the bulging hemorrhoid tissue. Surgery and other procedures are often quite painful and are not without medical complications.

​I recently had the opportunity to review a revolutionary new medical device for the treatment of hemorrhoid disease. The HemAway Seat is effective, safe and simple to use. Through its intrinsic design, I have found that patients achieve symptomatic relief of pain, and experience the additional benefit of reduction of the swollen hemorrhoid tissue mass.



The therapeutic advantage of the HemAway Seat is based on its unique batwing open design. Patients simply place themselves in a seated position on the device ensuring the inflamed area is situated within the opening of the seat. This results in the natural creation of a negative pressure environment that envelops the diseased tissue, thereby exerting its beneficial effects.

Clinical applications of the HemAway Seat have been quite successful...much to the patients relief! I can therefore fully endorse this product as representing the improved next generation treatment modality in the battle against hemorrhoidal disease.

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For use at home, office, or when traveling
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